July 2nd, 2012


when your emotions put up a fight,

gird yourself

and be the gladiator,

at the end of the day there will be one victor

and at the end you can lick wounds

weary, but certain

at least you gave it your all

or suit up in your mask and foil,
ready to cross swords with another,
striving for each point,
sometimes any touch will do,
other times aiming for the heart
from every match you learn,
float like a butterfly,
love without apology

but when tomorrow comes,
and takes your father away,
they slip through your fingers,
in such tiny grains

there's nothing to clutch

as they float away, 

or scratch against you

day by day,

more now is less later

or so they say

too fast and you will suffer a thousand cuts,
your camel too many straws,

but you must let it loose,

or the sandbags will crush you

the only win is not losing
the only way standing is to resist falling
the only way to breathe is to deny having another option