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My thoughts on being Jewish, bisexual, and putting my life in order

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...that means in 5 years you'll be gay.

I feel exposed and at home,
planted out here in a middle. 

When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object you get a contradiction,
but what about when the immovable object can be in either of two places?
If the unstoppable force is applied to only one location,
does that mean the immovable object can just occupy the uncontested place
and collapse the contradiction?


An immovable object is just like any other
it can only be one place at a time.

The middle lies open on the plain where
the wind whips through.
Some comes down from the mountain,
some from unwashed masses,
and some more from rainbows.

As much as it may try to contort,
it occupies the whole space of itself,
wherever that may be.

stone is hewn by winds,
steadily wearing you away,
and hearts are so much softer

This immovable object lives on a boundary,
half of it jostled by the unstoppable force.
Half a contradiction is harder to resolve, 
as it seems the immovable object could be bifurcated into resolution. 

But immovable isn't impervious,
not just anything can be cut in half

I am real 
I am here
I can't be anywhere else